Satoshi Uchiumi

2007 Kamiyama Artist in Residence participant
In Kamiyama from September 1 to November 9, 2007
Satoshi Uchiumi was born in Ibaraki. He completed the postgraduate course in Fine Art University. He was selected for "the 1st Shiseido Art Egg" project, which aims to support young artists. Believing that the beauty of a painting lies within the beauty of the paint itself. Satoshi creates works exploring the relativity concurrent with paint and its viewers within the exhibition space.
View pictures of Satoshi Uchiumi at Work
At KAIR, he would like to share the process during the working of the large scalepiece, so the viewer can experience the beauty of the 'paint' and 'the painting' as well as the 'space' in which it develops.
He is currently based in Funabashi, Chiba

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