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【Access to Kamiyama】
Kamiyama can be accessed from Tokushima JR Station via local bus (approx 60 min). The same journey takes about 40 minutes by car. Unfortunately, there is no train line running to Kamiyama.
– Access to Tokushima
– Public transportation | Tokushima city to Kamiyiama
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– Accommodation:  There are hotels, guest house and camping sites in town.  You can find most of them on the Airbnb site and various travel sites.  

■English map 
We have an English printed map that includes shops and restaurants in Kamiyama available at some hotels, guest houses, restaurants, and stores after April 2020.  Please ask your host where you can purchase the map.
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【Coworking space】
"Kamiyama valley satellite office complex(KVSOC)" is available for use. 
The fee starts from 500yen/4hrs.  Please contact them for more info.
Kamiyama valley satellite office complex(KVSOC)[JP]
Fees & Spaces [JP]
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There various free spots in Kamiyama. 
Greenvalley office, community center, Onsen, Michi no Eki, etc
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-The ATMs at the post office can accept most foreign bank cards and credit cards, but most Bank ATMs cannot.
-Most ATMs close at 5pm and do not open again until about 9 am the following morning.
-If you bring any Travellers Checks or foreign currency, it is best to get them changed into yen while you are at the airport, or in Tokushima City. There’s nowhere to exchange them in Kamiyama. It is easier to just carry cash or withdraw money from your home account at the Postal ATM.
-The post office ATM has English menus and supports foreign bank cards. However, they don't always work on the first try. Usually, the third time is the charm, so don't give up too early!
-There is a convenience store(Familymart) in Jinryo area where you can use ATM 24/7. 

– For more information on Banking in Japan, see this article in Japan Guide.
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【Postal Services】
-If you want to send a parcel back home, “small packet” via SAL (economy air) is the cheapest for packages up to 2kg in weight. However, letters are not allowed to be included in small packets. Either send the letter separately or just say there's not letter, but be warned! If customs officials find the letter, they may confiscate your parcel.

– For more information about postal services in Japan, see this article in Japan guide.
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【Onsen – Japanese Hot springs】
There is "Kamiyama Onsen" in town. 
Public baths
How to take a bath? 
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【Creatures to try and avoid】
– Mamushi or Hame (Pit viper) Venomous and aggressive. Potentially fatal, be careful walking in long grass when it's hot.
-Yamakagashi (Tiger Keelback) Venomous but timid.
– Suzume-Bachi (Japanese giant hornet) Venomous and aggressive. Potentially fatal.
– Mukade (Centipedes) Venomous bite.
– Buto (Black fly) and Abu (Horsefly) Nonvenomous but has a very painful bite. Can cause terrible swelling.
– Akaza or Gigi Venomous catfish.
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【Renting a car】
There is a car shop in town where you can rent a car.  The number of car they have is limited.  So please make a reservation in advance.  They do not speak English so please have your host of the accomodation to contact the shop.  
Renting a car in Japan
*This website includes various tips for driving in Japan such as using the gas station, parking, etc.
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【Gas Station】
There are 2 gas stations in the Jinryo area (where the town office locates).  The staff at both gas stations in Kamiyama will fill it up for you.
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【Shikoku Henro】
In Shikoku island, there is the route for the pilgrimages include 88 official temples.  There is #12 shosan-ji temple in Kamiiyama. 
more information of "Shikoku Henro"
spots around Kamiyama [JP]
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