Arial Kontact Exhibition, July 23, 2007

Diary 2007.7.23


投稿者:Shinya Ominami

The rainy season has ended. It was overcast and gloomy yesterday, and today we’ve had a 180 degree change in the weather. Oawa Mountain is so sharp and clear! It looks just like the vista I used to see during my childhood summer vacations… makes me feel old!

Now, here is the first piece from the Arial Kontact exhibition.

On display at the former Shimobun daycare classroom, from the right, we see a mannequin clad in a waterfall by Mutsumi Uchiyama.


That waterfall becomes the Akui River, and flows through the Kamiyama landscape (represented by Naoko Hayashida’s two large oil paintings) and then winds up at the Kamikaku street of noren. That’s the theme of the exhibit, or so they tell me.

It was a hot day out, but we were visually refreshed by the art.
I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who wished we could keep the exhibition up indefinitely.


Shinya Ominami

Director of NPO Green Valley Inc. Working daily to create a Global Kamiyama.

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