International Cooking Class: Tacos!

2009 2009.3.3


投稿者:Toru Nakahara

Last Sunday we had our fifth international cooking class. It was a co-production of the Kamiyama Board of Education Lifelong Learning Section and NPO Green Valley. This time around, we made Mexican food. Specifically, we made tacos. There were about forty participants!

This time, our cooking teacher was Adam. He’s been in Kamiyama since January 20 working on his art. He has quickly become one of the gang. He’ll be here until the end of March.

Always an artist - even his cooking instructions have cute illustrations.

This is actually the second time we’ve made tacos in this class, but who’s complaining? They are very simple to make. First, wheat and corn flour are made into tortillas, which are flat disks about the size of saucers. After grilling the tortillas, there’s nothing left to do but put toppings on.

We made lots of toppings, mainly out of vegetables.

I often make tacos in the summertime when I have BBQ parties in my garden. My grandchildren love kneading the dough. Avocado, tomato, lettuce, fruit, ground meat… you can use anything you like for a topping.

This time we had about ten foreign participants. Kamiyama really has become an international place!

A lot of Emma’s English teacher friends came. We’re well on our way towards establishing our goal of making Kamiyama an international village.

Big sister Yuki did a good job.

Mexican tacos are traditionally made with corn flour. They couldn’t grow wheat on their land, so they made flour from corn and made it into a flatbread and topped it with various ingredients, and that was the start…

Everyone had fun stretching out the dough and cooking the tortillas.

Emma has been looking great lately!

The obligatory group shot.

Nikolai always helps out when we take the group picture, but he wasn’t there. Apparently he caught a cold and couldn’t make it. Everyone missed you, Nikolai! Get well soon.

We’re planning on holding several more international cooking classes this year. There are about two hundred countries in the world, so we still have a lot of ground to cover. The question is who can we get to teach the classes? If you or anyone you know would like to do it, please drop us a line! I wonder if anyone could teach us how to make some Chinese or Korean food…


Toru Nakahara

KAIR & GreenValley supporter (~2012)

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  • How come nobody told me the secret art of Taco construction was already known in Kamiyama? If I had known, I would have demonstrated the ancient craft of Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.

    03/03/2009 8:18 PM | adam

  • Maybe because, I just wanted to eat Mexican! That's why! Plus, I wasn't there when they did Taco party ages ago. It was great evening! Thank you, Adam-san!

    03/03/2009 5:13 PM | ケイコ

  • I can not believe I missed the taco party! I'll have to visit soon for the next one!

    03/03/2009 2:00 AM | Liz

  • Me too !

    03/03/2009 12:29 AM | nikolai

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