Open Atelier Tour Report 2009

Diary 2009.10.10



Long time no see! Sofie and I have been busy going here and there, but I made it up to the Open Atelier today. Thanks to Nikolai who gave me a ride there, and Yoshida-san who gave me a ride home again. Here are a few photos from the Open Atelier Tour.

Hajime Mizutani showed us his work in progress at Yorii-za

Svetlana Gabora showed us her works in progress at Shimobun Atelier.

Cameron Hockenson talked about his plans for his installation.

Camera Yamanaka had everyone into his studio for an impromptu recording session!

Visiting artist Adam Avikainen showed us the fusuma screens he’s been working on. There’ll be a puppet show on October 25 using his screens.

After the tour, Nikolai, Yoshida-san, and I helped Cameron take some wood to his installation site.




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