Sofie’s Adventures: KAIR 2009 Final Exhibition

2009 2009.11.3



Today was the first day of the KAIR 2009 Final Exhibition. The exhibition will be held all over Kamiyama until November 8. Maps showing where all the pieces are can be picked up at all the usual spots: Michi no Eki, Kaizen Center, and Kamiyama Onsen. There was a great turnout for the tour today.

Look at all those shoes! Everyone piled into Yorii-za to check out Hajime Mizutani’s work.

Sofie made the trip to Kamiyama for the first time in ages! She hadn’t seen the Green Valley gang since last year’s final exhibition tour. Mr. Ominami was especially happy to see his little friend again.

Mr. Ominami explained to Sofie all about how bamboo works.

See? It’s hollow inside!

It was so wonderful to spend time with friends and friendly new faces. I didn’t get a picture of everyone because I was too busy enjoying their company! Sofie had a great time too.

Playing hide and seek in one of Cameron’s sculptures.

Sofie is three now, but she will be four tomorrow! It’s her birthday. She was born on November fourth, the day after Culture Day, because I spent the day before the day she was born walking around looking at art all day, much like Culture Day this year!

How old are you now? Three?

In other news, Nikolai bought a new camera! I’m sure we can look forward to some new entries by him featuring lots of crisp, clear pictures. Of course his new camera is pink!!

Nikolai and his new pink camera. And no pink shirt today. He said he doesn’t have any warm sweaters in pink. I think we need to remedy this!



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