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Diary 2007.2.10

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投稿者:Shinya Ominami

In connection with Charlotte #2’s farewell party, Ariel Kontact had an exhibition. There were lots of artworks and tasty things to eat, so this is mostly a visual report.

In the entrance, still life paintings of fruit. The deep red color which reminded me of a well-aged cabernet sauvignon was particularly memorable.

Landscapes from around Shirasagi-dai and Ishii-cho. But would you look at those two, hamming it up for the camera… a little over the top though guys, don’t you think? (ha ha)

A couple of larger works. Scenes you often see around the Yoshino-gawa River, but clearly a foreign (England, I think) landscape is mixed in. A subtle contrast.

A video piece. Director: Charlotte #2, Actor: Chalice
She’s got several shopping bags in both hands and is running around various places such as Sogo department store, in front of Tokushima station, along the highway in Shimobun, and in the mountains in Ishii. It’s not that strange, but you can have a few laughs while you watch it. It would have been nice to have a projector…

An installation by Mutsumi and Chalice. There’s golf, darts, and bubbles. Like an adult amusement park. At the goal, some seasonal chocolate as a prize. Could be soothing for someone with low prospects for Valentines Day… (ha ha)

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