Diary 2010.10.21



 is a room…of sorts…well, to be precise… it’s a blurry steam engine running on liquid compost.
waiting room for some sort of broken transportation system yet to be invented?  or a ferry carriage dragging you beside a bedside to witness the birth of your grandmother beneath the gradation.

the indigo impregnated the cotton sheets in a more or less abstract fashion.  I, having never worked with natural dyes

, was not completely sure what the results of the dippings would look like.  thus, the patterns would be quite random, and the dyes would settle in the valleys or folds of the sheets after running from the peaks of the creases.  the same as the river running through my pump from my foggy noggin. the dye follows the path of least resistance.  this is how we have travelled and always will travel…down the smoothest road and up the wettest dream.

the indigo dyed sheets form the skeletal system of the work, and I painted sumi flesh on top.  painting-by-numbers.  now once the dots are connected, i am translating the shadows into uncountable poems tied around the concept of a room existing on the 4th floor of Kamiyama’s community center…a room that’s waiting for a purpose.  but, I think you already know that WAITING is the ticket.

it began as an attempt to dissolve time, or as a quest to find the opposite of time.  i’m at a point in my life where i want to stop moving around in circles…i want to just vibrate.

time is a comparison of related points in the same dimension.  place to place.  day to dark.  night to bright.  birth to death.  the fountain of youth is a sensory deprivation chamber void of movement.  void of anything, save yourself.  nothing to hold on to. nothing to contrast your present state to.


Now is the opposite of time.

BOKASHI NO KIKANSHA is a unidimensional port with great clam chowder.

adam avikainen 2010


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