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It can be hard to get around in Kamiyama without a car, but there are some buses running along the main road several times a day.

◎ How to Ride the Bus
Get on the bus at the back door and take a numbered ticket as you get on. The number on the ticket corresponds to a numbered chart displayed at the front of the bus which will display how much to pay when you arrive at your destination. To signal you want to get off, push one of the buttons mounted on the walls of the bus. If you ask nicely, the driver on the Kamiyama municipal bus will let you off wherever you want, even if there’s no bus stop there. Pay as you get off. The driver has a change-making machine if you don’t have exact change.

◎Bus Timetables
→ Tokushima station – Kamiyama bus time table search engine

<main bus stops in Kamiyama – from tokushima station>
– Kamiyama spa mae (kamiyama onsen spa)
– Uetuno (Cotton field camping site, Kamiyama beer, Michino eki – farmer's market)
– Nakatu (Kaizen center / Greenvalley・KAIR office)
– Kamiyama town hall mae *bus stop for kamiyam-choei bus/kamiyama local line
– Yori-naka  (Mamechiyo coffee roastery, on y va) *bus stop for kamiyam – choei bus/ kamiyama local line
– Yorii (535, LICHT LICHT, Brompton bike rental)

• Tokushima Bus
– Timetable
– Route Map

• Kamiyama Municipal Bus
– Timetable
– Route Map

→ see more info about Japan public transportation

Art in Kamiyama

Art in Kamiyama

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