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2015 2015.9.23


投稿者:Art in Kamiyama

Come and join us on a guided tour around the open ateliers of the Kamiyama Artists in Residence 2015.
We’ll be visiting three artists:

Krišs Salmanis(Latvia)
Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro(Australia)
Quynh Hoang Vantu(U.S.A)

■Date: Saturday 26 September 2015

■Where to meet: Michi-no-Eki Kamiyama at 9:45am (the Tour begins at 10am)
>>>>>Address>>>>151-1 Nishi-Uetsuno, Jinryo, Myozai, Tokushima →Google map

Contact: KAIR Committee +81(0)88-676-1177
Email  : info.gvi(a)gmail.com
*Please change (a) to @ for enquiry.


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