Awa Odori 3000

2017 2017.1.25




Remember Benoit? Well, his other project was called Awa Odori 3000 and it was a part of the Tokushima LED festival this year.  Remember that song 3000 by Dr. Octagon?  About rap in the year three thousand?  No?  Well, here Benoit spits over the familiar sounds of flutes and gongs and drums and Awa Odori is moving on to the year three thousand…

A team of nimble fingered seamstresses sew microphones and coloured LED strips into kimonos and straw hats.  These are to be worn by female dancers as part of a performance. Benoit and Gerrit fabricate the electronics and microphones which will activate the LEDs.  The LED strips are fragile and break often.  I believe each microphone responds to a different frequency and so a drum beat would light up the Green LEDs for example, and a flute sound may light up the blue LEDs.  When the band is playing the LEDs flicker at different intervals and with different beats.  It's rave culture, science fiction (SF) and tradition rolled up into an attractive, spacey and hypnotic display.  

 (Gerrit, fingering the kimonos.  I don't have many pictures of Benoit)




Itoi-san - Kanuma soil. Likes salmon sashimi, dislikes entrails of sea cucumber. Ru-san - Lancashire hotpot. Creative type. Likes being outdoors. Dislikes status. Together we are ITOI ARTS a project in divergent creativity in the mountains of Shikoku, Japan. 四国の山奥、多様な創作、アートとは。 //イベント時のみオープン// \\ふだんはただの家//

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