Yamandu Roos School Workshop at Jinryo Elementary School

Diary 2018.5.10

Art in kamiyama

投稿者:Art in kamiyama

Yamandu visited our local elementary school for the portrait workshop.
Six pupils from the 4th grade and Ms. Ebina welcomed us for 2-hour lesson!

Yamandu introduced himself and described to them how he became a photographer.
After he taught them the use of light and the importance of the background in photography, they all went out shooting!

They teamed up in pairs and took portraits of each other with a lot of thought put into light, the backgrounds, the composition and the expressions.

After taking hundreds(!) of photos, six pupils and Yamandu went back to the class room and looked at what they got.
We were impressed how well they all turned out!
Kids must have enjoyed it so much,  during the break they went to the next class room and started taking pictures of friends.

Yama-chan gave them feedback to each pupils and ended the workshop.
Later he came back with seleceted and developed photos to exhibit in the main foyer for everyone to enjoy the portraits! 

Thank you so much everyone. Great work!

Art in kamiyama

Art in kamiyama

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