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The Kamiyama Artist in Residence (KAIR) Program is an independent project organized by volunteers who share the desire to develop art and culture in the town of Kamiyama. The program was established in 1999 to provide selected artists with the opportunity to experience Japanese small-town life while working together with local people on artistic projects. Every year for two months from September to November, three to five artists are invited to Kamiyama. Participating artists also hold an exhibition in the end of their stay, workshops at local schools, participate in cultural events, and hold open studio days.

We have "Bed & Studio" program as independent self-funding Artist in Residence program. Aside from the September-November period when the space is used for the Artist in Residence program, the studio space and housing is available for rent.

About "In-Kamiyama"

"In-Kamiyama" is the website to share what is happening in our town Kamiyama. It is organized by Green Valley Inc. and Kamiyama TSUNAGU Corporation since 2016.
This website has been originally developed by Green Valley Inc. in 2008 to share everyday life in Kamiyama such as KAIR related projects, relocation support info, event info and random blogs posted by local residents. Past years this website brought us many changes in town. After 9 years of use, we renewed this site with new members of TSUNAGU Corporation. We hope we could share a bit of atmosphere of Kamiyama through our website.
The English site is mostly in Japanese and English pages are more about KAIR and art related posts. You could also stop by at our Japanese pages to explore our various on-going projects in Kamiyama through pictures and movies. We hope you visit Kamiyama someday soon!

About GV

Green Valley Inc is a non-profit organization based in Kamiyama, Tokushima, Japan.


2004 (its previous incarnation, the Kamiyama International Exchange Association was founded in 1992)


Our mission is to solve regional problems with arts and culture, and to build a self-sustaining and economically independent community.


We want to take the strength and wisdom of the local people and people who come together here from all over Japan and the world, and turn our little corner of Shikoku into an exciting, creative place, a place we call “Global Kamiyama”. We hope that our work here will impact Japanese society, changing how people work and live in Japan’s rural areas.

What we do:

-Support for visiting artists
-Support for mid- and long-term visitors
-Provide information about Japan (particularly Shikoku)
-Stimulate the local economy and encourage cultural development
-Find solutions for rural problems and act as a model for other regions to follow
-Improve local living conditions and the natural environment

About Kamiyama TSUNAGU Corporration

Kamiyama Tsunagu Corporation was established in April, 2016.

Japan's population is increasingly concentrated in Tokyo, and the population is falling in many regions.
In May 2015, a private think tank published a report estimating that 896 municipalities will vanish by 2040. The ational government is trying to stem the population decline in rural areas with something called "regional revitalization",and many policies have been put in place to achieve this.

In 2015, working groups was formed in Kamiyama consisting of about thirty residents and young town hall employees, and over several study sessions and discussions they formulated a revitalization plan called the “Machi wo Shorai Sedai ni Tsunagu Project (The Project to Connect the Town to Future Generations)”.

In our first year, we initiated a collective housing project for people of child-rearing age,
a project to renovate and use old homes that are vacant and have begun to decay,
and projects that allow local children from daycare up to high school age to participate in educational opportunities unique to Kamiyama. Each project is connected, and includes thorough face-to-face information sharing with stakeholders, in particular with local residents.
The intent is to work comprehensively to stem population decline in the region.

The Project to Connect the Town to Future Generations strives to create a place with a diversity of talented people who have good relationships with one another both within Kamiyama and together with its connections further afield, in a supportive place where new activities and jobs are created at a manageable pace.
The Kamiyama Tsunagu Corporation leads this project as an intermediary organization to support these endeavors in a position between the government and the region.