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Kamiyama started its Kamiyama Artist in Residence (KAIR) program in 1999. Every autumn, three artists are sponsored to come and stay in the town to create art and interact with the local people for approximately eight weeks. Over the years, participating artists have created a huge legacy of work in Kamiyama.

Thanks to the growing popularity of our artist in residence program, we have experienced a real influx of people who approach us looking to spend time in Kamiyama working on their art projects, either through the KAIR program or independent of it. It is from this phenomenon that we have created the new “Bed and Studio” program as a way to help people coordinate their independent artist in residence program in Kamiyama. For participating Bed & Studio program, please contact us in 3 month advance upon your planned arrival.  We are are not a large AIR organizations and we run this program with a limited employee and volunteers, please understand that we may not always accept every artists and requests.
Bed&Studio participated artists

There is still plenty of old Japan left in Kamiyama.


Thanks to the KAIR program, a great support network for artists has emerged in Kamiyama
→ Workshops, Craftspeople, and Supply Shops

According to past KAIR participants, the most attractive element of the program is the interaction with the local people.
Reflecting on KAIR


Information about art works in Kamiyama. 
→ Kamiyama Art Points of Interest (Google Map)
If you're actually in the area, please stop by our office for art map to hike around Oawa-yama art walk! 

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