Applying KAIR program FAQ

■ apply the program as a group
– Application form : please fill out 1st page of application separately.  You can fill out 2nd and 3rd page as a group. 
– CV : If you are already working as a group previously, please submit CV as a group.  If you have not worked as a group previously or do not have enough records, you could submit individual CV.  It applies same for images that you need to submit as application materials. 
– Please understand that travel fee, material fee, stipends, apartments are going to be shared in your group. 

■ how to submit images if your works are video works
–  Please list the URL on the image informantion sheet.  Or, you could upload the file online and list the URL with password. 
If there are still images of the exhibition, you could also submit those images. 

■ paying application fee in yen
–  If you are in Japan and have an access to transfer fee to our bank account in Japan, the amount in yen is going to be 5410yen(Jan 04 rate).  
Please notify the name of sender if the name is going to be different from the applicant.