Adam Avikainen

2010 Kamiyama Artist in Residence participant

Born in the USA.  As a child, he wanted to be a train engineer or a gorilla when he grew up.  Now, that he is a grown-up, he cannot afford to buy train tickets, so he bikes to work…fueled by bananas.
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Bokashino Kikansha



–an elderly group of women bicycling from town to town…selling candy to the kids for 5 yen and treating them to a picture show.
The five things nailed to the wall are neural pathways.  Fashionable, good diseases.
A five step course to help the human race transform.

—-the five indigo cirlces are the platforms/ waiting rooms where the nano-beings shall gather after transmogrification is complete—-(they were cut from the train station with no tracks that i designed in the rural mountains of Shikoku)

—-the river rocks keep the wooden tablet off of the earth and allows the nanobeings to exercise beneath it and preapre for the wandering(shielded from the solar burps)—

—the wooden tablet is a welcome mat from a battered wall and informs the perpetuators how to begin and end—

neural pathways—-(((each is to be gazed into for almost one billion years)))(((the viewer will know when to move on to the next pathway, as their peripheral vision will have already laid the gravel for the pavement)))(in fact, the order in which they are viewed is irrelevant)))(the mutations will occur regardless of whether you stare at one for 5 billion years and the others for one second each…or any other of the infinite combinations….just look before the sun envelops us)

1) KAKI KUCHI (persimmon mouth)
—-the fruit smashed against a crisp autumn sky following the dead dance.
Indigo thread lips quivering with the clanging brass____the toes talk—

2) UMI UMU (sea birth)
—-all salt is sea salt.  When the farmland ran out, She dug up the ocean floor and made a mountain of blind fish bones and algae children.  No more agriculture, only golf courses.  Fungivores.

3) SHIKA SUIKA (deer watermelon)—-when you hear the herd of deer, notice how your reproductive regions have come to resemble a field of overripe watermelons.  RELEASE THE NIGHT BLACK SEEDS onto the HIDES.

4) TORI TENKA (bird ignition)—–the bird's feathers shall provide enough fuel for your doubt and enough calories for your disappearing metabolism.  The egg is a chemical key.

5)  SHOGA HYOGA (ginger glacier)—-once your bodies have been absorbed by the glacier, your skin will reek of ginger and the rock pilgrims will line up between your mountainous locks to lash you with citrus tongues.  Slow drift of ice river.

—we don't need any more energy—
—–our future selves shall function without power—-
——–the sentient vacuum tribe—–

Bokashino Kikansha
Place: Kamiyama-cho Kaizen center
Materials: Cotton, indigo, sumi ink