Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro


Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro are Australian artists who reclaim and transform the fallout of consumer society in their practice. Combining a playful sense of humour and an engagement with art historical precedents, their work is characterised by the deconstruction and reinvention of prefabricated structures and the assemblage of accumulated objects into extraordinary sculptures and installations.
Healy and Cordeiro’s practice reflects a preoccupation with the dynamics of global mobility-the networks, standards and financial systems that enable and restrict the movement of people and goods in the modern era. Creating tensions between order and disorder, their works are shaped by traditional sculptural concerns such as mass, form and scale, however they also incorporate the expressive potential of motion, speaking to the way things move and change over time.
Healy and Cordeiro have spent much of their artistic careers traveling. These shifting locations, and the experience of constantly moving and uprooting their lives plays a central role in their work. ( → HP Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro )

Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro 「We hunt Mammoth」  2015  photo:Keizo Konishi


Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro 「We hunt Mummoth」2015  photo:Keizo Konishi

We hunt Mammoth
Yorii-za theater
2015.10.25 – 11.03

Our latest installation has been variously described as a "Time slip" or "Oba-chan work"; in our eyes both descriptions are correct. We have created a work that has welded two different eras together. By utilising traditional Japanese packaging techniques to parcel up individual pieces of a dissected automobile, an installation has been produced that draws attention to the lifecycle of an object within our consumer culture.
Like a giant mammal that has been hunted down and shared out within the tribe our Honda Today lies chopped and bundled up on the floor of the Yorii-za: pointing towards the obsolescence of the automobile and a possible hunter gatherer future trajectory for humanity.