Kazuyoshi Yoshizawa

2003 Kamiyama Artist in Residence Participant
In Kamiyama from September 23 to November 18, 2003

Born in Tokyo in 1968. Received BFA in Oil Painting and work as an assistant (general painting) at Musashino Art University. His works are shown mainly at solo exhibitions. "Born and bred in Tokyo, I found Kamiyama's beautiful nature and the life of the local residents really refreshing. Back in Tokyo, my work often focuses upon the relationship between the sun and myself, but here, I was interested in the relationship between the sun and the nature of Kamiyama. I aimed to present the image of the sun shining down on a range of green mountains, turning the purified air back to the sky. Just as the purified air travels with the westerly winds to spread around the world, I as a visitor felt a kind of mission to carry with me the purified mind to other places. In the workshop, "Alone in the Field" I intended to explore the concept of "the cycle of life" in collaboration with the community members. In spring, a man-shaped space will appear among the sunlit tulips in the rape field in Okubo, which will bring my memory back to Kamiyama."(→ Kazuhoshi Yoshizawa website)

At the workshop, Radish Sprout Harvest Festival. Dance: Sachiko Ogiyama Music: Keiju Nakajima

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Kazuyoshi Yoshizawa “Photosynthesis-Kamiyama” 2003


This man has the air of a great man who can grasp the spirit of outer space:
rough in appearance but warm at heart.
After all, a quality of art is to express the spirit of outer space like ancient man's peaceful melodies.
Installed in Oawa shrine (in Kamiichinomiya) is a painting of a sun.
A sun that links closely with a moon.
The yellow of the moon is falling over the green of the Kamiyama forest like a breath of the sky.
Lying down in the fallow rice paddy, he seeded white radish sprouts to be grown and savoured.
Red and yellow. Getting up, he planted tulips.
Bravo to the missionary of beauty!
(Musashino Art University Professor Ryu Niimi)