Keiju Nakajima

2001 Kamiyama Artist in Residence Participant
In Kamiyama from October 1 to November 12, 2001

Born in Yokohama in 1961, and brought up in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Musician. After graduating in Law from Seijo University, he set out on a journey traveling around the world. He has established his own unique style through collaborations and sessions with various artists he has met on his travels. While his main instrument is the guitar, Nakajima also plays the bamboo flute, sitar, koto and percussion. Currently residing in Thailand, his work in jazz, classical, folk, pop and roc music sees him split his time between Thailand, Japan and Europe. At KAIR, he produced a CD of the music he composed, inspired by visits to buddhist temples and other places in Kamiyama. He also played several performances of improvised music during his stay here. (→ Keiju Nakajima website)

Keiju Nakajima 2001

A man who obeys the ghosts of the mountains.
He calls upon human breathing and the whisperings of the forest. We are Asian people;
we carry Mongoloid breath in our lungs.
The sound envelops the swaying of our bodies,
climbing up to the evening as the trees grow.
The gods of the mountains see the whole
world, and laugh at our stupidity.
Drinking sake, the voice of the flute is powerful
and distant. The rustling of small creatures,
the sound of their blood flowing, the voice of a
bow string. Ancient laughter, unfamiliar gods
gathered on the other side of the blue sky.
Intoxicated by nature and the universe.
Forgiveness, acceptance, return to freshness,
spirit and trees. Friends we do not yet know.
(Musashino Art University, Department of Art Culture Professor: Ryu Niimi)

Keiju Nakajima “AWA AQUA” 2001