Linda Gordon

2002 Artist in Residence Participant
In Kamiyama from October 1 to November 12, 2002

Born in Epsom, England. Received BA (Hons) in Fine Art – Sculpture from the University of Brighton. After spending her childhood in Northern Ireland, she moved to the Sussex coast of England and currently works as a land installation artist. At KAIR she combined ao-ishi, a type of rock local to Kamiyama, with photographic images of the landscape. She explains "In order to show the connections between various people and their lives, I want to take things which at first glance appear to be direct opposites, and combine them in my work. This work is my response to the latent energy which I found in Kamiyama. I used the spiral, which has long been a symbol of growth and rebirth."(→ Linda Gordon website)

Installation under construction in Oawa Mountain, near Kamiyama Onsen

On the high grassland overlooking the village, she spread out a round spiral of stones.
A land installation: earth work.
An image of autumn grasses waving in the wind is imprinted on the stone.
In one hundred years' time, will this be Kamiyama's Stonehenge? No – the grasslands must be tended.
Art is not something that is made. It is cultivated, bred, in the palm of a hand.
Heavy stone and light wind, constant give-and-take that goes beyond space and time.
The gods of the mountains run amok over the land, filling the stage with the music and dancing of nature.
(Musashino Art University, Department of Art Culture Professor: Ryu Niimi)

Linda Gordon “Kamiyama Spiral” 2002