Marina Carvalho

2011 Kamiyama Artist in Residence participant

Born in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal. She attended the Fine Art degree course at Fine Arts Faculty of Porto University in 2005. She has been working as sculptress, art producer, art and music teacher. She is professionally involved in artistic projects within different backgrounds – Community Art, Land Art and Art therapy – in Portugal and international residencies.
Her work lives in natural spaces. The sculptures emerge in the nature and interact with it. Sculptured bodies are placed in nature creating a kind of forest. In these forests, she aims to compose a musical work through sculpture, or to sculpt composing musically, in short, `thinking the music in sculpture'. There are no boundaries between music and sculpture, everything is time and space.  (text in 2011)




motion to Ogetsu Hime
sugi trunk, indigo, acrylic ink, varnish, water
16x38x161cm; 10x25x120cm; 11x22x149cm; 16x35x137cm;
7 bodies in the entrance pathway of Oawa Jinja (between the two Torii)

Spatial and temporal displacement created by the moon cycle sculpted in the sugi trunks. This visual rhythm roams the pathway between the two Torii of the temple like a nocturne progression within different shapes and sizes. The pathway becomes a moment of introspection: the moon dialogues with the passengers, receives them and prepares to pray.


Akui Gawa reflections
sugi trunk, indigo, acrylic ink, varnish, water
27x50x130cm; 23x42x150cm; 20x33x132cm;
16x50x120cm; 17x43x100cm; 13x35x88cm; 9x32x117cm
7 bodies floating down Akui Gawa river

Spatial and temporal displacement created by the stream sculpted in the sugi trunks. Taking the shape of Akui river stream, this visual rhythm covers the trunks in a wavy and fluid movement. When floating, the river involves the trunks in a new direction and gives a new life to it.



between green and rocks
bamboo (mosso, hachiku), indigo, climbing rope, LEDs, wind, rain
900×200∅ cm
Mobile installation in the Akui River at Kamiyama Ohashi Bridge, Shimobun

Spatial and temporal displacement created by the vertical progression of bamboos hanged in the bridge. This visual rhythm dialogues with the river, the wind and the rain, smoothing the transition between the river margins: the greener margin and the rocky margin. The mobile is a musical body.