Norbert Francis Attard

2004 Kamiyama Artist in Residence Participant
In Kamiyama from October 7 to November 24 2004

Born in Malta in 1951. He graduated in Architecture from the University of Malta in 1977 and practiced his profession until 1996. Turning to installation art in 1997, his work embraces the tonality of wider influences and textures which ranges from the ancient and modern, man-made and raw, earth and steel, painting, film, and digital media, honed with an eye for detail and a passion for discipline.
He sought to find a common denominator between the Japanese and Maltese cultures and produced a series of works titled 'Between Sky and Earth' making the most of nature of Kamiyama as well as the local materials. (→Norbert Francis Attard website)

After-hours lesson with Josei High School (2004)

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Between Sky and Earth
Double Spiral
Golden Sudachi

Food Cycle
Sacred Geometry ±1.618034
Bluestone River
Earth Galaxy
Earth Mother

Nobert Francis Attard “Golden Sudachi” 2004

The odour of sudachi spread in a spiral based on the Fibonacci Numbers wafts to form a four-dimensional space in the fencing hall. The spiral, ruffling the surface of the raven-black water, fills Bluestone River with the water of imagination and then leads to the four seasons newly created in the deep darkness. The mystery of double spiral, resembling a pair of coiling snakes. The slippers which had been disappearing from around Kamiyama overwhelm viewers with their spiralling energy as well as the uniqueness of their origin. The spiral is the embodiment of Attard's endless imagination. (Musashino Art University professor Aomi Okabe)

Sacred Geometry ±1.618034 (2004)