Robin Dance

2000 Kamiyama Artist in Residence Participant
In Kamiyama from October 3 to November 13, 2000

Born in 1952, in Chelmsford, United Kingdom. Diploma, Art and Design, Fine Art, Middlesex Polytechnic, London. Photographer. Resides in Brighton, United Kingdom. Creates powerful works in highly charged places such as the sites of former concentration camps in Austria, the Baltic states, Germany, and Poland. He gives lectures, leads workshops, and is the United Kingdom correspondent for Sensible. Dance made exhaustive surveys and interviews in order to try to draw out the historical and cultural energy that made Kamiyama the place it is today. His photographs express things that are hidden beyond the surface. (→ Robin Dance website)

the workshop at Jinryo elementary school

Monochrome photos showing landscapes we fail to percieve in everyday life, such as roads under construction and weeds on the roadsides. These photos are stuck on a folding screen made of Awa-washi. Destroyed nature, infinite concrete walls, and weeds living there. His works seem to ask us how Japan should approach public construction works.
Robin Dance “Kamiyama Landscape” 2000