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Diary 2008.4.25

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Garbage should be separated into various types and collection days are specified for each type. Put your garbage in specified bags, which can be purchased at the local supermarket, and place the bags at the pickup place by 09:00 on the pickup day. (Don't forget to write your name on the bags). Garbage is not collected on the weekend and the national holidays. The trash collection calendar is available at your local community centre (Kominkan).

[Sorting out trash]

-Burnables (orange)
Leather items, Unclean boxes and paper products such as carbon paper, Tissue paper, Rubber items.
* Do not include kitchen waste.

Recyclable plastic (purple)
Plastic products, trays and containers, such as shampoo and detergent bottles, butter and margarine containers and yoghurt tubs. Fruit and vegetable net, Transparent egg package, Transparent wraps, Styrofoam trays, Plastic bags, Snack packages.
*Rinse plastic containers thoroughly and drain them well.

-Empty cans/ tins (red)
* Empty and pierce aerosol/ spray cans.
* Do not put cigarette butts or other rubbish in.
* Do not crush cans
* Rinse and drain cans well.

-Empty bottles (green)
Empty bottles, including those used for vinegar and spices
* Remove caps from bottles.
* Rinse and drain bottles well.
* Divide bottles into three types: transparent, brown and other colours (black, blue, etc.,) and put them in the designated bags.
* Dirty or broken bottles should be put out as other unburnables.

Plastic/polyethylene bottles (PET bottles) – yellow
Plastic bottles with the label "PET 1", such as those used for soft drinks, mineral water, and soy sauce.
* Rinse and drain bottles well.
* Remove caps, which should be put out as recyclable plastic.
* Remove lables, which should be put out as recyclable plastic. 

-Other / unburnables (blue)
Plants pots, pottery, wire, shells, batteries, light bulbs, glass items, cosmetic bottles, pins and nails.
* Put batteries in transparent bags
* Wrap pointed items such as knives and glass, and broken plates&glasses with newspaper.

-Large garbage items
Electric appliances, Furniture (chairs, beds, mattresses) Futon, Bicycles, Metal pots
*Be sure to attach the ‘Big Rubbish' sticker on the items

-Recyclable paper items
*Divide paper items for recycling into four types.
     – newspapers
     – magazines
     – cardboard(such as the box of sweets, butter, etc)  *Please flatten boxes
     – cartons(such as those used for milk and juice)  *Cut the side of the cartons open and flatten it.  

Then tie them separately with the designated white string
* There is no designated bag for this type of trash.
* Cartons should be rinsed, cut open and dried before tied.
* Cartons are collected on the same day as the large garbage items

-Other things to remember
* Put kitchen waste/food rubbish in the compost.
* Dangerous items such as hazardous waste cans and building waste such as tatami mats cannot be collected.
* Nappies (diapers) are collected twice a month. Put them in plastic bags and put them in the green bin at the collection site.

– Coffee beans?  > the compost
– Tea bags?  >  dry and burnable / open the bag, then to the compost
– paper sticker/price tag on the plastic wrap >  can go recyle plastic

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