Nozomi Watanabe – School workshop at Jinryo ES

2017 2017.10.23


投稿者:Art in kamiyama

We visited Jinryo elementary school for Nozomi's workshop.
At our local school she shared her project "Nomadic Stars"with 20 pupils aged between 9-10.
She handed wooden boxes to everyone, which were made from cedar wood in Kamiyama to keep their own "Star" inside.
Nozomi asked them to sand it then paint and decorate their own box. Later, she installed miniscule LED lights in each ones.
Once they're all ready we moved to the school sports hall where she spread an enormous map of Kamiyama.
The Children placed their box on their own address on the map and then it was time to switch the lights off.
Sparkling stars emerged in the pitch black space. We heard children squealing with joy. Twinkling stars!
With the certificate signed and numbered by Nozomi, pupils took their own stars home.

2017年度招聘作家・渡辺望さんが神領小学校を訪れ、日本では神山が第一弾となる自身のプロジェクト「Nomadic Stars」を3・4年生の子供たち20人と共有し、特別授業として行いました。
Nomadic Stars Projectについて説明をした後、「自分の星」を大切に保管するための箱を子供たちに配りました。渡辺さんが神山杉を使って製作したものです。それを子供たちにヤスリがけしてもらい、思い思いの色や素材で箱を彩りました。出来上がったら順番に渡辺さんの元へ箱を持っていき、いよいよ「自分の星」を入れてもらいます。



Nomadic Stars/ Nozomi Watanebe
Once nomadic people used stars in the sky to know their own locations and regarded the stars as a guide during their migrations around the word. Nowadays electrical navigation systems have supplanted this ancient knowledge.

Artist takes place a workshop as part of this project, in which participants create their own stars which symbolize the guidance for the people around them and it also illuminates up on their own way. At the end of this project a lot of stars would appear on the earth, that would lead people's journeys in their lives. →see more details

Normadic Stars Project は<自分の星を持つこと>をコンセプトに、美術家・渡辺望によって2017年にスタートしたプロジェクトです。
人々の手にわたった星々は時に他者の道標となり、時に自らの行く先を照らすものとなりながら、地上の星空を描き続きます。またこの作品は持ち運びができるポータブル作品であり、人々の暮らしや生き方とともにその都度、その場所を照らすものとなることを願っています。 渡辺望 


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