Final Preparations

2008 2008.10.31



Everyone is rushing around making final preparations for the exhibition which starts this Sunday. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so any photos of actual exhibits will have to wait until afterwards, but I do want to show everyone a slice of the action behind the scenes. 

After helping Rika with some heavy lifting for her outdoor installation, we enjoyed Sadako Kawano’s homemade croquettes and some hot tea at Yorii-za

I managed to visit the sites of Rika‘s and Karin‘s venues but unfortunately Andrea‘s setup was scheduled for the next day so I don’t have any pictures of hers.

One of Rika’s neighbors in Yorii gave her these old packages of origami paper that he had leftover from when he used to run a shop.

These packages of origami paper each hold about ten sheets, including a gold sheet and a silver sheet. The catch copy says “Sanitary and colorfast.” I love the retro illustration. It reminds me of old apple crates. There are instructions on the back of each package showing how to make a crane and an old fashioned samurai helmet.

Sadako Kawano and I strung up the last of the origami and Rika climbed up the ladder and hung each one from a different spot on the ceiling.

Sadako helps with Rika’s installation

Meanwhile, over at Hachiman Jinja, the beautiful, weathered wood shrine with a stone foundation that can be seen from the onsen parking lot, Hisa Miyagi from Rakuon Rakujitsu came to set up the lights for Karin’s installation.

Pat assisted in setting up the lights. What are they illuminating? Come to the show and find out!

As you can see from the above picture, there was a lot of shrine paraphernalia that had to be cleared away. We put most of it in another building nearby, but we put the boards that are used to shutter the windows in the crawlspace under the shrine.

Yodai emerges from putting some wood panels under the shrine. Busy, busy!

The final exhibition starts this Sunday (Nov. 2) and goes until Sunday November 9. There will be a guided tour on the 2nd with everyone meeting at Michi no Eki (map) at 10am. There will be maps available at Michi no Eki, Kamiyama Onsen, and the Kaizen Center for people who want to do a self-guided tour during the week. While there is bus service available from Tokushima Station to Kamiyama, the exhibit locations are very spread out, so visitors are advised to come by car if they want to do a self-guided tour. 



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  • can we get a copy off the last photo it is so wonderfull. PAT and Karin

    10/31/2008 9:47 PM | karin

  • Yes, of course! I can send you the original file by e-mail.

    10/31/2008 11:05 AM | Claire

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