Dismantling the Installations

2008 2009.1.23


投稿者:Toru Nakahara

On Sunday it rained, which is unusual for winter. We all went to Yoriiza in the morning to dismantle Ms Aki’s installation from KAIR 2008.

The fate of the installation is that one day it must be removed from its place of display. Some works can be completely cleared away in a matter of hours.

We remembered the days we spent with the artists this past autumn as we worked.

Chan's beloved dog Taiyo joined the work party.

First, we took down the strings of origami that were hanging from the ceiling. Taiyo the dog stood guard.

Next, we removed the bundles of rice straw

It took quite a long time to remove all that straw.
Don’t worry Rika, we’re going to bring the pieces with the LEDs inside to the children at Jinryo Elementary.

Speaking of Rika Aki, she’s just now participating in an artist in residence program in Germany… I hear that this year’s winter in Europe is particularly chilly… I hope she doesn’t catch cold.

Nikolai came and gave his all

We started at 9:30 and finished up a little past noon. We returned Yoriiza to its original state. We just couldn’t leave it empty – it was too lonely – so we decided to display one of Karin’s kazura vine works there.

We brought the kazura works from Shimobun Atelier in the rain

The day’s participants were Mr. Ominami, Mr. Mori, Nikolai, Kyoko, Mr. Sato, myself, and Taiyo the dog.

Difficult to figure out how to place it...

This is Karin’s piece that was on display in the rear of the shrine. It’s so difficult to reproduce the way she had it displayed. Hmm…not like this… not like that either. We were really sweating over it. In the end, we ended up placing it the same way it is in the postcard.

So that was how we ended our day, after a late lunch and some work in the afternoon. Thank you everyone for your time and effort!


Toru Nakahara

KAIR & GreenValley supporter (~2012)

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