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I’m a little late, but this is a report about my visit to Kamiyama last Wednesday. Wednesdays in Kamiyama are a little different than the comparatively busy weekends, but during KAIR every day holds new discoveries and new developments. On October 22, I got on the bus and rode up to Kamiyama.

Even Kamiyama sometimes has outdoor food stalls

We tried to go to Hidenoya for lunch but there was a “closed” sign out. There was some speculation that they might have run out of food due to the wave of visitors (Mr. Nishimura and friends) the day before! So Mr. Nikishima and I swung by Yorii-za, picked up Rika Aki, and went off in search of some lunch. Then, as we drove down the road, what’s this? It’s a jaja-men stand! Just hours before it hadn’t been there. What luck and good timing! We had big bowls of jaja-men with miso soup full of veggies and egg, and onion tea (!!) for just one coin, 500 yen.

This is the famed tunnel that leads to Yorii-za

Since Rika started her work at Yorii-za, I hadn’t been in to see her studio even once, so this week I thought I’d see what she was up to and take some pictures. Here’s a short photo report from the trip:

Rika is so busy that she just shows up as a blur...

I folded some eight-pointed stars that I learned to make in Elementary school. Rika sent me home with a homework assignment to make ten by next week.

The multi-talented Rika Aki

Rika also has some technical work going on in her atelier. I wonder what she's going to do with all those circuit boards? Better turn up to the final exhibition to find out!

The KAIR 2008 final exhibition will be held on November 2 to 9, so I hope everyone will make the trip up to Kamiyama to see everyone’s completed works! I especially recommend the art tour scheduled for Sunday November 2.



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  • Hey, what does the little circuit board do? (I couldn't find an explanation in the text!)

    10/27/2008 1:15 AM | Kevin Tester

  • I didn't explain what they do because I didn't get a chance to ask her in great detail. Like I said in the caption under the shot of her desk - better turn up to the final exhibition (or wait to read the report from the final exhibition) to find out! (psst: I think it has something to do with LED lights...)

    10/27/2008 1:17 AM | Claire

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