October Forestry Management Report

2008 2008.10.28


Artist Rika Aki. She plowed down four giant trees, then crowed, “Did you see that!” (OK, maybe I exaggerate… ha ha)

Next up, the group photo. This time Josei High school’s Kamiyama branch school students came and helped us again. “You guys are wonderful!”

Picture of everyone after lunch

The first-rate coffee shop Matsuba-an supplied coffee for the crew again this month. Mitsuyo Matsumura! Thank you for your continued support! We’re so grateful!

This month’s lunch was supplied by the Kuniko Aihara Team. We bow down deeply in gratitude to you.

This month's lunch made by the Kuniko Aihara Team. Thanks for your continued support!

Emma the English teacher worked hard.

Little Emma is giving her all!

Joe looks like he had fun too.

Joe was an English teacher in Kamiyama last year. He came all the way from Muroto to help out.

Wonderful! Mr. Goto and Ms. Zenihana.

A pic of Mr. Goto and Ms Zenihana.

People who thwart young love will be drawn and quartered.
There’s one in every crowd.
“Oh no! That looks like our chairman…” (ha ha)

Love thwarter gets thwarted

I wondered who the man was who taught Rika Aki how to use a chainsaw. It was none other than our forestry blood brother, Mr. Fujimoto. Very dangerous… (ha ha)

The man who taught Rika how to use a chainsaw, Fujimoto, wildman of the woods.

Next month’s forestry management day will be November 16 (Sunday). It’s the same day as the Josei High Kamiyama Branch School culture festival, so we’ll eat lunch there. We won’t collect any fees next month, but please bring some money to buy something to eat at the school bazaar.


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