Hydroponic Vertical Garden Demonstration Friday 2/28 | Kamiyama International Accelerator Program (S6IX)

Event 2020.3.6

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Hydroponic Vertical Garden Demonstration

with Green Food Solutions

S6IX – Kamiyama International Accelerator Program
supported by NPO Green Valley

Be part of how to integrate art and nature through innovation

As one of “S6IX Kamiyama International Accelerator Program" projects, an aquaponics system is being planed, designed and installed for use in Kamiyama.
Attend the demonstration at the Kamiyama Satellite Complex, and meet the professionals and other projects' members working together.

At the demo event, you can get to see the one “Hydraulic Vertical Tower” in action, a fully automated, considered to be installed in the hydroponic system.
The project owners will show and explain what they do, what hydroponics is and how their vertical tower works, also they will share about the aquaponics project being built as part of the accelerator program, and ways it can be used to empower Kamiyama through sustainable innovation in agriculture and workforce development programs.

    Date and Time: Fri. 28th Februray, 2020,  13pm -15pm
    Velue: Kamiyama Valley Satellite Office Complex
    Registration free,  Admission free
    *The event might only be live streamed due to a potential guidance from Tokushima Prefecture. Will inform the details accordingly.

Mary Wetherill, CEO, Green Food Solutions
Electra Jarvis, Farm Director, Green Food Solutions


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