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Japanese version of In Kamiyama website contains event calender but it does not work on the on-line translating tools well.  We will try to introduce some events on English site but we can not translate all details of them.  Please use on-line translating tools to see further info.  If you wish for more info, please ask your Kamiyama frineds! 

List of Events
The page is in Japanese but the date listed below each image is the event date. 
Please go to the page and read further datails by using the on-line translating tools. 
It's listed by the date they put on the calender so it's not listed in order. 


■Bangladish night at the guest house – MOJA House
【Date&Time】8/3, 6pm~8; 30pm
Moja house is a new guest house just opened this spring.  She organize many fun events!  Please visit the website – MOJA House

■8/12, 13(Mon&Tue)Awaodori in Kamiyama – Okaren performance in Kamiyama
In Kamiyama, we have our local Ren(Awaodori group) "Oka-ren".  They will performance Awaodori in different spot in Kamiyama. 

8/12 (Mon)
★Pick up spots – somewhere easier to access or close to the center of the town. 
13:30~  Kajika no Sato
15:30~  Family mart
16:00~  Kamiyama Onsen spa

8/13 (Tue)
★Pick up spots – somewhere easier to access or close to the center
10:50~  Kamiyama town office
11:30~  Kamiyama-iin clinic in Shimobun area
18:10~  Uetsuno shotengai street (street behind Michi no eki)
19:00~  Yorii shotengai street (near Yorii-za – ABC mart Yasuoka area)   
※If it gets cancelled because of the rain, it will announced on the town speaker.  

■8/17  Music Live "CATBOYS" in Kamiyama
music live at Kamiyama BEER.
【Date】 August 17 (Sat) 4pm -8pm
【Place】Kamiyama BEER

■Fresh indigo dye Work shop
Leaning how to dye with fresh indigo!  You can only experience this fresih indigo dye in a limited season! 
【Date】August 18(sun) 10:30 ~ 2:30
【Place】Nishibun no ie
Please make sure to reserve your spot from the on-line form. 
Google translate – somewhat works. 
Workshop is in Japanese but they are the friendly helpful team! 

■"Sakana-ya bungutenstationary store" open hours in July
We have cute stationary store called "Sakana-ya bunguten" in Uetsuno area.  It's the back street of "Michi no Eki – farmar's market".  They are only open a few days a week.  Please check the open date on the URL below to visit the store. 
"Sakana-ya bunguten" : "Sakana-ya" means  a fish store in Japanese.  The space used to be a fish store before the stationary store, so the owner took the name "Sakana-ya" for her stationary store. 



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