Sad (and Sleepy!) Early Morning Goodbyes

2008 2008.11.14


投稿者:Shinya Ominami

(So sleepy, miaow! Consecutive early morning send-offs have left me feeling a lot like the kitty in this picture. Work at my day job is piling up. What to do… (ha ha))

November 10th and 11th was the big artist farewell rush! (Though this happens every year…) it’s a time of both sadness and a sense of relief. Is it just me, or has it suddenly gotten much colder?

Emma woke up due to the sound of the car engine. While rubbing her sleepy eyes, she calls out, “Good bye, Andrea & Adam!” November 10, 2008 at 6:08am, Shimobun Teacher's Housing

The five people she’s shared her life with for the past two months will suddenly be gone. I can understand why Emma would be eager to wake up and bid a last goodbye…

And then, the early birds at Michi no Eki…

Mr. Mori, Mr. Iwamaru, and Kuniko (with presents! She's always so thoughtful.) I was the driver on this day. November 10, 2008,  6:17am @ Michi no Eki

Handshakes and hugs and words of farewell. Our eyes filled with tears… after all, everyone worked so hard!

And then, a similar scene on the morning of the 11th…

Mr. Sato, Mr. Mori, (today's driver) Tsuyoshi Higuchiyama, and the Aiharas, again with gifts November 11, 2008, 6:09 @ Michi no Eki

The artists and local support people worked in nearly perfect synchronization, and it was truly a highly satisfying residency for everyone.

Now, I wonder what kind of artists next year will bring our way … (ha ha)


Shinya Ominami

Director of NPO Green Valley Inc. Working daily to create a Global Kamiyama.

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