Shimobun Atelier

Diary 2008.5.23

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投稿者:Art in Kamiyama

Shimobun Atelier… Shimobun Daycare… Kitajima Craft… The people of Kamiyama have many names for this place. It was once used as a daycare, and after that was used as a shoe factory. The place gets good sunlight, and the building has a lot of character, with remnants of its many incarnations still lingering in the building. It started being used as a KAIR atelier in 2005.

Shimobun Atelier (2005)

If you are interested in using Shimobun Atelier as your studio while you stay in Kamiyama or as an event space, please contact us for more information about availability and costs.

Room 1:used to be a playroom.
Room 2: used to be a classroom.

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  • Lovely. I am interested in renting a holiday studio accomodation here! Possibly this summer, June or August 2011. possibly at winter holiday. I teach art in Taiwan International Schools and am working ona series of kimono/paintings based on the Shikoku PIlgrimage of Kobo Daishi. Can you tell me some costs and details? thanks origato gozaimasu dennis

    05/23/2008 10:23 AM | dennis potter

  • Hi , I am an artist based in London and looking for studio space in Japan spring 2014 , I would be very greatfull if you could send me more information , on availability , costs etc , Best Henny

    05/23/2008 6:47 AM | Henny acloque

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