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Diary 2008.6.5

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Yesterday afternoon, this website, “in Kamiyama” opened its virtual doors. But just as always? In the minutes before opening, everyone was all a-flutter.

June 4, just before the 12 noon opening time, the core members had assembled for the countdown.
Right up to the last second, they were making fine adjustments and making sure everything was in order.

Everyone faced their computer screens with “bated breath” as they say.

Ominami, Kudo, Nikishima, Claire…
For close to one year, the people who had raised so many elements of this project were now raising their blood pressure.

Then, 11:51.
Trouble erupts.

When attempting to view the English page,
Error 404 – File not found
For some reason, the link to the English side of the site is broken.


“Private Claire, how’s the access on your computer?”

“I can’t seem to make a connection, Captain!”


“Why does this have to happen now?!?” Private Nikishima grips a phone in each hand as he attempts to rally the troups to solve the problem.

But, while everyone’s a little on edge, they’re smiling. That’s the great thing about our team.

11:55am. Five minutes before opening.

The cause of the problem is found, and the link is restored.

“It came home, our darling little in Kamiyama!”


Then, just like that, in Kamiyama was open!!!

“Oooh, someone’s accessing from Korea!” “I wonder who that is over on the east coast of the States??”

No one could contain their smiles after that.

Kamiyama is fond of practical jokes, but they’re never intended to harm.

Hip-hip hooray!!


  • Hi Everyone, this is Charlotte from 2005 residency. Just a quick well-done for the website, it's so easy to navigate! Some news is that I'm going to have a little daughter, she will be born 8th september. So for now she gives a little kick as a greeting to let you all know she's looking forward to seeing the world and maybe you guys one day too. Loads of love, Charlotte and Sofia-Hana chanxx

    06/05/2008 11:45 PM | Charlotte Brisland

  • Hi Charlotte , this is Nikolai how are you? long time no see you ! ( thanks for nice CD I have been hear it in my car ) I saw your mail that you will have a little daughter, she will be born 8th september. Congratulations! I hope that a baby and you will visit Kamiyama in near future.

    06/05/2008 9:28 PM | ニコライ

  • Congratulations Great website! I remember so well that fabulous cherry blossom tree. My very best wishes to you all - Linda (2002)

    06/05/2008 7:15 PM | Linda Gordon

  • Thanks for your message, Linda! Nice to hear from you. We all want to see you in Kamiyama someday in near future. It has changed a lot since.... From Shinya

    06/05/2008 9:58 AM | 大南 信也

  • Hi  Linda this is Nikolai  Kawano How are you Do you remenber me ? I spend the time with you in 2002 KAIR I gave you some red peppers for your boots but it did'nt work We all want to see you in Kamiyama someday in near future. see you !

    06/05/2008 12:14 AM | Nikolai

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