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Diary 2014.11.4


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Kamiyama Artist in Residence 2014 has been finished on November 4th, 2014.
Thank you very much for the artists and supporters who worked very hard and ones visited for the exhibition KAIR2014.

Stuart Frost
Wytske Van Keulen
Masako Miki

KAIR2014    Aug.21 – Nov.6
Exhibition  Oct.26 – Nov.3

【KAIR2014 Artists】
Stuart Frost

In Stuart Frost’s artistic practice the notion/idea “place” stands central. It functions both as a theoretic and practical starting point. Through the whole of his artistic career he has sought out specific places in various countries and carried out so called site specific projects. More specifically he has been searching for each chosen places identifiable characteristics/qualities such as history, topography, architecture, culture, raw material etc. These relationships in differing scales are generally speaking the basis for the development of art work. The interest for the landscapes particularities and the natural objects physical characteristic and exclusiveness to one environment – with their associated culture, myths, and history are a general characteristic feature with his production. He is consistently faithful to the raw materials distinctiveness and inner characteristics, while at the same time putting them through extensive procedures of transformation. The thought is that this concept will make it possible to see raw materials in a new way. There is in other words a type of alienating process which contributes to sharpen ones perceptions.
Stuart Frost was born in Bath, England and graduated from the Royal College of Art, London and currently lives and works in Kongsberg, Norway.

Wytske Van Keulen

Wytske van Keulen portrays people who, for disparate reasons, live their lives as outsiders. Her distinctive method of documenting – at once plain and empathetic – nevertheless resists the stubborn tendency toward marginalisation, whether emanating from society or from solitude. Both movements are revealed as a symptom of existential helplessness. On closer inspection, the position of the outsider can seldom be attributed to either voluntary withdrawal or imposed exclusion. It is necessary to breach this dichotomy and consider the existing condition in all its complexity and subtlety. Since graduating from St. Joost (BA) and Post-St. Joost Photography (MFA) in Breda (NL) Wytske van Keulen predominantly works on long-term documentary projects which she presents as artist books and slide installations. In 2008 she self-published the book We would come to doubt everything. And almost everyone would come to doubt., last January her latest book titled Sous cloche was published by Kominek Books from Berlin. Wytske van Keulen lives and works in Amsterdam.

Masako Miki
Masako Miki is a native of Osaka, Japan and now lives and works in Berkeley California. She received her MFA from San Jose State University. Miki’s work investigates internal conflicts concerning cultural identity. She examines psychological states of dichotomies, and metamorphosis. Her work often includes animals in absurd narratives. These animal motifs and their behaviors are used as a metaphor for the human psyche. The state of metamorphosis symbolizes an “in between” place; a place that doesn’t hold a specific form but it is in a flux where anything is possible. In this realm, boundaries are lifted from our perspective, which can expand further our perceptions.


Kamiyama Artist in Residence Committee(KAIR)
132 Jinryo Aza Nakazu,
Kamiyama-cho, Myozai-gun,
Tel: +81-88-676-1177

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【Support / Supponsers of KAIR2014】
Town of Kamiyama
Tokushima prefecture
Asahi group foundation
Awa bank cultural foundation

Musashino Art University
Kamiyama Onsen Spa
Tokushima prefectural volunteer center


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