Hello from Holland

Diary 2008.9.9



So far we are very surprised about the warm welcome we have got in Kamiyama.
In the morning when we wake up we still need some time to realize where we are and where the strange sounds are coming from. Unknown animals as well as the public alarm clock at a quarter past seven.

Yesterday we had the tiny opening event of our coffee and tea bar, the meeting place of the artists in the old shoe factory. We were not the first ones to use it, appearantly other artists already made it a very cosy place and we are happy to follow up on them! Of course anybody who wants to join us there for a coffee is very welcome. When we went to wash the coffee cups suddenly Andrea shrieked. She saw a huge spider crawling in the corridor. Karin took a bowl and used a KAIR catalogue to catch the spider and put it outside. You can see it on the picture. Does anybody know if our lives were at stake here??



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