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Diary 2008.9.18



Today, after a great lunch at Hidanoya’s, we really could make a start. Pat went with the small truck of mister Sato-san on a hunt for ‘kazura’, different types of vine that grow in the trees of the forest surrounding Shimobun. Pat looked like a giant in a toy car, but he was very succesfull and returned with a bunch of kazura to the shoefactory. There I installed my studio next to Andrea.  Now we can work and experiment with this new material during the typhoon that’s coming. If anybody whishes to clean his garden from the kazura, please bring them to the shoe factory! We will be very happy.

And two more good things today: we got permission to make an exhibition in the small beautiful shrine near the onsen, and Chan got us the famous extractor. We had some worries about the mamushi snake while cutting kazura but now we have got the extractor we feel much safer. We will first try it out on the mosquito bites..




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  • Love this post, great pictures too!

    09/18/2008 8:53 PM | Andrea

  • Want to have this in Japanese, too!

    09/18/2008 8:57 PM | 大南 信也

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