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Diary 2008.10.2

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These are some of the new drawings in my Hidenoya Sketchbook. 00001510.jpg
A slice of cake with a scoop of ice cream at the Cafe. I found this fragrant white ginger flower on the way. 00001511.jpg
My toilet and front hallway with the entrance door by where people take off their street shoes and put on slippers. There are separate toilet slippers and one is supposed to change into them when using the toilet. This is the same in office buildings too. What strikes me as odd though is how in some schools you put on slippers when you enter the school and leave your shoes at the entrance. Then you walk about 10-20 steps and before you enter the principal’s office where the meeting will take place you leave your school slippers at the door and change into slightly fancier slippers to be worn in that room only. A previous artist in residence who was born and raised in New York City told me this story: working late one night in her studio which happened to be in the school she accidentally tripped the alarm, which rang at the the police station. She was listening to really loud rock music so didn’t hear when the two policemen walked into her studio and was startled when she noticed them. She thought she was in trouble until she looked down and saw that the stern-faced officers wearing slippers. Someone also told me about a burglar who was caught when he stopped on his way out from the house he robbed to put on his street shoes which he obediently removed after breaking and entering.

Karin, Rika and I went to the beach on Sunday near Tokushima City. I swam in the pleasantly warm water.
I brought back some shells, snails and driftwood. I found beautiful oyster shells on the beach.
Something I picked up on the way to the shrine that houses the Sakura fusuma-e puppet theater. It fell out of a tree, some sort of seed pod I think, very woody and thick.

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  • So my question is, do you have to wear slippers, or can you just go barefoot?

    10/02/2008 11:53 AM | Ken

  • If you go barefoot, you'll constantly have people passive aggressively asking you if your feet are cold. What they really want to say is "put some slippers on." Often, clothing store change rooms (you have to take your shoes off before you go into the change room) will provide slip-on shoes for you so you can walk around the store looking for more clothes to try on without having to constantly lace up and unlace your own shoes. Walking around the shop in sock feet is not an option. The clerk will chase after you, saying, "You don't want to get your socks dirty, do you??"

    10/02/2008 12:58 PM | Claire

  • I too tried barefoot but got so many people remarking and/or helpfully shlepping slippers after me to persuade me to put them on that I just gave up. When Karin, pat and I went to Uniqlo and brought some clothes into the dressing rooms to try them on we didn't understand why the sale people banged so desperately on the side of the dressing room– there was a curtain instead of a door– but then we found out that we walked into the dressing room with our street shoes on, and that was what got all of them so excited. We had to go out remove our shoes and go back to try on the stuff. We must seem like such barbarians in most situations and yet most people treat us so graciously.

    10/02/2008 8:37 PM | Andrea

  • You were very lovely at the sea! The 3rd sketch is " tubaki ", I love shape of the tubaki seed, I'm collecting them.

    10/02/2008 10:58 PM | rika

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