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Diary 2008.9.25

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投稿者:Rika Aki

When I'm working in Yorii-za, sometimes the neighbors come to peek in.

The other day, some men who grew up in the area just happened to be nearby so they came to open the door of Yoriiza and peek in.

They examined the details of the building nostalgically, and when they saw the noon sun shining through holes in the tin roof, they laughed and said "When we were kids, we thought that in Yoriiza you could see the stars shine during the day."

While listening to their stories, I began to get a sense of how everyone has memories tied to this place, and my feelings of how I'd like to do a project that will continue that legacy got stronger and stronger.

Personal encounters and sudden insights always rush in from unexpected directions.

Now the Yoriiza Origami Project will have its slow, steady start today.

Yoriiza Inaugural Origami

The first visitor today was my kitty-corner neighbor, Mrs. Gotoda.

She didn't fold any origami, but we had a friendly chat.

Grandma Kawano brought some botamochi.

Grandma Kawano

When I went to take a picture, she said,

"You're taking a picture? Well, I've got to make them look good…" and she straightened up the botamochi.


Me: "Oh, that botamochi looks tasty! Shall we eat together?"

Kawano: "I won't have any, they're all for you!"

Me: "Grandma, that's impossible!"

Kawano: "Oh yes, maybe I've brought too many?"

And so on like that. It looks like I get to play the straight man in our little comedic skits. (ha ha)


The Yoriiza Origami Project will be just about every day from 1:00pm to 3:00pm at Yoriiza Theater.

But when I've got other work to do or I've got to go shopping, there might be days when it's cancelled.

If you're in the neighborhood, please drop by. Let's drink tea and fold paper together. Origami is surprisingly addictive.

The folded paper that everyone has made will become an installation that will be displayed in Yoriiza.

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Rika Aki

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  • Very sorry for the delay - I finally got this translated and posted today, but I've dated it for Sept. 25, which is the day Rika posted her article in Japanese, and the day her project started.

    09/25/2008 3:04 PM | Claire

  • Thank you! Claire!!

    09/25/2008 12:50 AM | rika

  • Rika-san, I'd love to come by one day and fold some origami!

    09/25/2008 12:57 AM | Andrea

  • Oh and I better let you know that I've never done any origami folding before. I hope you take beginners!

    09/25/2008 12:58 AM | Andrea

  • Andrea, I will teaching! Come on YORIIZA! I had delicious coffee yesterday. Let’s drink coffee and fold paper together.

    09/25/2008 8:54 AM | rika

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