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Diary 2008.10.23



Last week Pat and I left Shikoku and paid a visit to the city of Nara. When we finally arrived there it was already evening. The first impression of the dark, silent town was enchanting. Our walk led through narrow streets, on a path uphill to a scarcely lighted temple, where we had an unexpected meeting with a lonely deer. Then we sat down on a bench next to a big pond. In the middle floated the reflection of the full moon. Although there seemed to be no wind, nor did the moon up in the sky move, it struck me that the reflection of the moon danced on the water. I tried to catch its image with my camera, but it escaped me all the time.
A haiku by the American poet Alvaro Cardona-Hine came to my mind. “Looking at the moon, I suddenly remember to look at the moon”.  Apparently it is not easy to watch the moon and actually see it.
My third project in Kamiyama is dedicated to this phenomenon.


It is a dome, woven from kazura branches, with an opening in the middle that’s looking out to the moon. On the ground in the middle I would like to place a stone pillow of Kamiyama blue/green stone, where you can rest your head. Maybe one day you will enter the moon-dome and actually experience the (full) moon.





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  • Inspiring post and photos! .... Shinya

    10/23/2008 11:52 AM | 大南 信也

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