Tea Party at the Shimobun Atelier

Diary 2008.3.12



Mutsumi Uchiyama, who has her studio in the Shimobun Atelier, has converted one of the rooms into a sort of tea lounge. On March 8, she had her inaugural tea party.
Drinking soba-cha and eating the treats that people brought.
Mutsumi has about thirty different kinds of tea in stock, and she let us try several different ones during the party. Mutsumi says she has prepared thirty different art workshops that she can teach, and that people can do their choice of workshop plus their choice of tea for 1000 yen. There are a few more events like today’s scheduled for later in the month too.

Emma and Mutsumi have tea and a chat.

In total I think maybe 25 people came over the course of five hours or so – what a tremendous success! I’m looking forward to future events at the Shimobun Atelier now that there is this new cosy space to relax in.



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