KAIR2023©Masataka Namazu転載禁止

KAIR2023 program

Diary 2023.12.1


投稿者:Art in kamiyama

Kamiyama Artist in Residence 2023 was successfully closed on the 12th November. 
We'd like to express our sincere gratitude to the Artists – Ryo Shimizu, Domestic-Wild, Sasha Tamarin and everyone who supported our program. 

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Yoriiza Theater
Ryo Shimizu, Back to square one
©Ryo Shimizu, Back to Square One, 2024転載禁止 ©Ryo Shimizu, Back to Square One, 2024転載禁止
©Ryo Shimizu, Back to Square One, 2024転載禁止 ©Ryo Shimizu, Back to Square One, 2024転載禁止


Oawayama Art Walk
Domestic-Wild, Termites/Wild Heart
Domestic-Wild, Termites/Wild Heart, KAIR2024転載禁止©Masataka Namazu Domestic-Wild, Termites/Wild Heart, KAIR2024転載禁止©Masataka Namazu

Onoji Field
Domestic-Wild, Under the Same Sun
Domestic-Under the Same Sun, KAIR2024転載禁止©Masataka Namazu

Jinryo Tea Factory
Domestic-Wild, KAIR2024転載禁止©Masataka Namazu


Yorii Nagaya Housing West
Sasha Tamarin
Sasha Tamarin, KAIR2024転載禁止©Masataka Namazu Sasha Tamarin, KAIR2024転載禁止©Masataka Namazu


KAIR2023 Participated Artists 
Ryo Shimizu

Born in 1977 in Kagawa Prefecture, Ryo SHIMIZU currently lives in Kanagawa Prefecture.
He has great interest in the form of textual characters and the magical elements of how textual characters blend into everyday life and how they affect us unconsciously. While combining diverse forms of expression including textual characters, architecture, voice, videos, collection of items, and changes in thermal environments, he creates works suggesting the possibility of rediscovering connections between everyday experiences and things.
Since 2020, he has mainly been in the Izu Peninsula (Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan) continuously observing, surveying, and photographing the forms of topography and flora and fauna. He works on projects and artworks with the theme of humans before the advent of text characters or the good and bad things brought about by the invention of text characters.


©Ryo Shimizu projects of altering letters転載禁止
projects of altering letters
Installation, Workshop
Dimensions variable


Domestic-Wild is the union of the spanish-french artist Ariane Patout, and the german-swiss designer René Müller, two creators with a remarkable career, currently based in Barcelona.
It was in 2012 when these two professionals gave life to their first best-seller artistic project: WILD CHAIR, recognized with the FAD Architecture Award (2014) and Valldoreix Sculpture Biennial Award (2016). Since then, they have not stopped to create together and fascinate the world with their creations.

It is our passion to keep searching for the essential qualities of places, to interweave them with possible scenarios and options for action and to redesign them with artistic finesse. Maintaining respect for the untouched nature and people using all their senses to perceive the landscape and themselves anew.



Sasha Tamarin

I am fascinated with touristic promises and disappointments, especially when it comes to the attempts to capture targeted photos, eternal landscapes, and patches from desired worlds. I immigrated to Israel when I was 7. Since then, I've always felt like a tourist. My goal is to confront different places and identities, and finally to synthesize a strange, funny, yet familiar reality.
It is essential for me to create a multilayered body of work that slides on the scale between “straight” photographic aesthetics, images of an amplified reality, found footage and cinema.

Sasha Tamarin waiting for the milky way転載禁止
Waiting for the Milky Way to appear above Mt. Fuji, Lake Shoji, Japan
Still from film (Fujinoyamai), 2019



Photo credit
Featured image: Sayonara Farewell Party🌷, Ryo Shimizu"Back to Square One", Domestic-Wild"Termites/Wild Heart", "Under the Same Sun", Presentation at Jinryo Tea Factory, Sasha Tamarin's presentation at Yorii Nagaya Housuing West by Masataka Namazu


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