Sofie’s Adventures: Maui

Diary 2009.1.29



I think traveling might just be Sofie’s fate in life. We already have several trips lined up for the coming year. Over the winter holidays, we met our Canadian family in-between Canada and Japan, yes, in Hawaii!

We dropped our new years postcards in the Awa Odori mailbox at the station and we were off!

If you’re travelling with kids, I have to say JAL is the way to go. No matter how many times your kid pushes the call button, those wonderful women don’t get mad. Thank you, thank you, JAL flight attendants!

Sofie has really gotten the hang of air travel. Here she is chowing down on her in-flight meal.

We stayed in a condomium and cooked our own food during our two-week stay in Hawaii. We went to the sea, drove around in the mountains, and generally had a very low-key holiday. The highlight of our trip was our drive to the village of Hana.

We took a break for some fresh air on our drive down the narrow, winding road to Hana. Sofie took some pictures of her grandma.

The road to Hana is somewhat of a “must-do” for people on holiday in Maui. It’s about a two-hour drive along the coast on the rainy side of the island, through beautiful scenery along a narrow, winding road. There were several similarities to Kamiyama!

The narrow roads and beautiful scenery weren't the only things that reminded me of Kamiyama. Check it out - they also have an adopt-a-highway program! I wonder what kind of group the Eastside Souljahs are? A reggae band? A collection of surfers?

One thing I was looking forward to on this trip to Hawaii was the avocadoes!

My little brother Geoff is the model in this avocado comparison. The one on the right, representing regular size, is actually rather large too. The mega-avo on the left had delicious soft flesh inside. We bought it at a farmer's roadside stand on the way back from Hana.

I wonder if we could grow these here in Japan…

Hawaiian-style kakigori, shave ice. We ate it under the largest banyan tree in the world (? I think) in the town of Lahaina.

The above picture was taken on the last day of our trip, but due to my over-zealous applications of sunscreen, I’m still white as ever.



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