Sofie’s Adventures: YRG Cafe

Diary 2009.2.22



Last week, Sofie and I went to the YRG Cafe in Tokushima City, and brought them some KAIR postcard sets to sell. Now people who have trouble making the trek up to Kamiyama can still buy the cards.

An assortment of cards with images by Andrea (2008) and Strijdom(2003)

YRG is a relatively little-known spot, close to Tokushima station, with a great daily lunch special. They have lots of interesting magazines lying around and the music is always really funky. When it’s not too busy, the owner, Yamasaki-san, is a pretty interesting guy to talk to as well.

The YRG shop. Most stuff here is handmade I think.

In the title shot, Sofie is working on a handmade namecard. Here’s the completed card:

A limited edition of one.

Recently, Sofie has begun recognising letters from her own name, both in English and Japanese. You go, bilingual girl!



Canadian living in Tokushima City. Translator, Interpreter, and Sofie's mom.

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