Driver Girl

Diary 2009.5.21



I started going to driving school during the KAIR 2008 residency. I’m happy to report to everyone that on May 18, I finally got my driver’s license! I still have to practice a bit before I feel confident to drive all the way from Tokushima City to Kamiyama, but I hope that i will be able to come up there more often starting very soon!



Canadian living in Tokushima City. Translator, Interpreter, and Sofie's mom.

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  • Congratulations! It's really a pretty straightforward drive! The real question is, do you have a car?

    05/21/2009 5:43 AM | Liz

  • Hi Liz! My husband has a car that he says I can use - only problem, he's always using it! ;)

    05/21/2009 9:04 PM | Claire

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