Yamani Diary – Day 4

Diary 2008.5.7



By day four, we had all started developing a routine. Boiled then fried potatoes at breakfast, kiddie tunes on the ipod, Sofie looking for ants in the garden while Tsutomu does his morning routine and I make coffee in the kitchen. It’s going to be hard to go back to our fifth floor apartment in the city after this…

potatoes and coffee for breakfast

Everytime we saw someone we knew, they’d ask us how our stay was going with a sort of worried expression, “It’s pretty inconvenient, isn’t it? Not many mod-cons…” but it was just right for us. All I really need is coffee, some nice tunes, and a warm, dry place to sleep, and I’m happy.

I didn’t miss my computer that much, but it was nice to have some music to listen to

I asked Tsutomu if he’d like to come and stay again, and he said yes, so this may not be the last Yamani Diary entry you see from me after all…



Canadian living in Tokushima City. Translator, Interpreter, and Sofie's mom.

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  • I agree. All I need is coffee in the morning and some good tunes and a dry place to sleep. Seems a lot like a cabin I stayed in on Hornby Island.

    05/07/2008 6:09 AM | JJ

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