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Diary 2008.5.12

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Under that glimmering, shimmering egg lies a treasure trove of vegetable and meat delight!
Sometimes I wonder, is it really OK?
Is it OK to order just this? At this price?
But it is so perfect all by itself, this bibimpa.

There’s meat, a variety of vegetables, a bit of spice… it’s like it’s own perfect little planetary array. The sunny-side up egg in the middle shines like the sun. Stab at it with your chopstick and the core flows out and the implosion of the delicious little solar system begins.

The stone bowl that frames this little planetary system adds to the mounting tension. The delicate scent of roasting rice shuts out everything else. Just me and my bibimpa, sinking into a void. The beef galaxy and tripe cluster float further and further away from my consciousness…

The owner’s voice wafts over, “It’s very hot, so be careful you don’t burn yourself.”

I can hear a sound like far-away thunder on a summer’s eve, rumbling deep in my throat.

Time to dig in!

The cost of this gastro-astral trip, just one coin will do the trick. 500 yen.
Ah, the joys of being born an earthling!

Premium loin is 1500 yen. Today I introduced a supporting actor, but the meat in this place is the real star of the show. The mellow flavor of the premium loin, ooh... if you like red meat, you can't miss it! (Sorry, due to budget constraints, the picture shown is large intestine - 500 yen.) Someone, go take a picture of the loin! Or, even better, come buy some for me!!

This is the very affordable BBQ Lunch Special. Also including soup not shown here, a mere 800 yen! What a bargain.

A new menu item, stone bowl curry rice for 700 yen. It's made of homemade curry with plenty of barbecue beef. The melting cheese is the icing on the cake. Comes with a side of ham salad.

(I forgot to take a picture of the owners so this shot of a certain pair of lovebirds we all know will have to stand in for now)

Bai-li Korean Restaurant
Jinryo, Kamiyama. Right near the Kamiyama Onsen Bus Stop.
Tel: 088-676-0340
Closed Tuesdays


  • What a mouth-watering description! Great web site, really interesting.

    05/12/2008 4:59 AM | Sue

  • Thank you for comment You say "mouth-watering description". We say "salver watering description" in Japanese. Almost same! Good to learn English. Anyway thank you for coming!

    05/12/2008 9:13 PM | chan

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