【Open Studio】 Nik Christensen & Mutsumi Uchiyama



投稿者:Art in Kamiyama

We have two previous KAIR artists; Nik Christensen(KAIR2013) and Mutsumi Uchiyama(KAIR2005) visiting Kamiyama this spring with KAIR (Kamiyama Artist in Residence) Bed and Studio program.
Open Studio day by Nik and Mutsumi will be held 2 days in June!
Please come visit the Shimobun Studio in June 6th(Sat) and 7th(Sun).

【When】Saturday June 6th and Sunday 7th
11am ~ 5pm

★Artist Talk
2pm June 6th & 7th

【Where】Shimobun Studio
121 Shimobun Aza Imai, Kamiyama cho
It is about 6km west from Michi no Eki(10min)
Please use the parking at Shimobun Kominkan Community center parking.


Kamiyama Artist in Residence

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Nic Christensen
Nik Christensen was born in England and raised in The Netherlands where he attended Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Nature, and in particular man’s existence within it, has always been a strong focal point in his work. Interested in the duality of destruction and resurrection and exploring the friction between the real and imaginary, he looks for new interpretations, reconfiguring that which looks familiar. Working from images ranging from antique landscape photography to film, he creates monochromatic drawings on paper with sumi ink, mostly large format. The simplicity of materials and the immediacy of working with ink allow for a certain stillness yet creates tension in its permanence. Christensen currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

Mutsumi Uchiyama
Born in Kanagawa, Uchiyama studied under Mieko Yajima from 1983 to 1986, and since then, she has held solo and group exhibitions mainly in Tokyo. In Kamiyama, she worked on a two-dimensional paper work and the ‘Flag Project’, a collaboration aimed at combining people and places. Believing that art is nothing special, but that art is something anyone can enjoy, she hopes to convey that many little things come together to make something great (an artwork). During KAIR, she used the former Shimobun nursery as a studio as well as an exhibition space.
Recently, She has been creating works having the theme of the original landscape of Japan by using water color and acrylics on collaged Washi paper and Nepal paper.


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