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投稿者:神山塾 7期生

Today, I would like to introduce how to make a scarecrow.
Three members of Kamiyama Local Revitalizing School have participated to the activity organized by 28 Steps since the end of January. 28 Steps is a town group of Agawa area in Kamiyama town. They make scarecrows once a week. Actually, each region has their own process to make a scarecrow. 28 Steps use wooden frames and many pieces of newspaper to make its backborn.
1.Make A Head Part
At first, wind a flexible cloth like a sweater to make a head and cover it with pink cloth. Put two buttons to make eyes and three small balls of cotton for ears and nose. Cut felt to make mouse as your favorite shape. Finally, make hair with cut sweater.
2.Make A Body Part
Make bone with some wires which are made with straighten hangers. Next, make mascles with rolled newspapers in order to dry easily after rain. A scarecrow of a boy needs 10 pieces of newspaper for the right leg. It spends much time to make a hand because of its difficulty of sewing.
3.Wearing Cloths
It’s time to dress up! In fact, a whole of class room is surely dressing room. This is why you must be absorbed in dressing. You can find the appropriate costume to each season.
Although the scarecrows look simple, all members of 28 Steps elaborate to make them.
Every scarecrow is similar to its creater, isn’t it?
Do you wannna join us? Cheerful women are waiting for you at the Agawa elementary school on Monday night.

神山塾 7期生

野菜大好き♪ 神山塾7期生です☆

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