Naruto Beach Piece

Diary 2011.10.9



Kedwin san invited myself and some Kamiyama Juku students to a beach in Naruto.  This beach was about to be cleaned by an army of volunteers.  Plastic and fragments of wood everywhere.  Watch out for needles.  EEEK!  It wasn’t so bad actually.  Lots of plastic bottles filled with liquids, lots of broken down fishing equipment, shoes, socks, gloves, knicknacks, rubbish, tyres, shells, steel machines, sand.


Kedwin wanted Yu-kun and I to make some art as a kind of performance piece to set the whole thing off.  Give it a kind of European free spririt spin.  Yu-kun wanted to make a forest, I wanted to make a combini.  I decided to help him because it was going to look more impressive so we gathered a huge pile of driftwood and began to dig some holes.  We placed the wood into the holes and filled them in.  Whilst we did this the girls collected shells and someone made a dreamcatcher.


We decided to make a path towards the sea and flank this with the forest of driftwood.  It turned out nicely although it would have been more impressive to fill the entire beach (maybe we should have asked each volunteer to erect a driftwood ‘tree’.  That way the beach would fill up faster).  Perhaps next time eh.


Yu-kun soft focus.  Dreamy.



The title ‘Hige’ which translates as stubble (as in facial stubble).  It was quite popular with many people taking pictures and young couples holding hands walking through it, NHK Tokyo even popped by to make an hour long documentary on it.  I heard National Geographic wanted to run a piece on it…


A BBQ with some weiners and peppers and meat and boil in the bag curry and rice.  It was hot but I didn’t get burnt so the UV rays must have been weak.  It was bright however so I had to wear sunglasses.  I’d never eaten curry wearing sunglasses before.
Someone brought a little dog that sat in the shade and made very little noise.  People enjoyed petting it.




Itoi-san - Kanuma soil. Likes salmon sashimi, dislikes entrails of sea cucumber. Ru-san - Lancashire hotpot. Creative type. Likes being outdoors. Dislikes status. Together we are ITOI ARTS a project in divergent creativity in the mountains of Shikoku, Japan. 四国の山奥、多様な創作、アートとは。 //イベント時のみオープン// \\ふだんはただの家//

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